Competition Guidelines

ERA 2017Competition Guidelines

Banner Competition

Again, this year we will be doing a large banner competition and also allowing each school a maximum of 5 poster board sized banners. The large banner will be included in the overall spirit competition.


The banner competition challenges the ERA delegation to design and create an artistic banner showcasing the theme “Power Up Your Team!"

  1. A TWIN flat bed sheet (roughly 66×96 inches) should be used. Each group must purchase its own sheet. The ERA Committee will hang the banners in the conference center.
  2. Banners will be collected from each school during conference check-in.
  3. The banner should showcase the theme “Power Up Your Team.” The theme is intended to be broad to allow for creativity.
  4. The name of the institution must be clearly seen and spelled out on the banner.
  5. “E.R.A.2017” must appear somewhere on the banner.
  6. Vulgarity, profanity, or any other distasteful images are prohibited on the banners. Any banners with these images will be disqualified from the banner competition.

Banner Judging Criteria – 20Points Total:

  • 5 points- Originality/Creativity- Does the banner use the ERA theme in a unique way?
  • 5 points- Correlation to Conference Theme -Does the banner represent the ERA theme "Power Up Your Team?"
  • 5 points – Correlation to School Pride – Does the banner show school representation?
  • 5 points- Overall Impression- How well did this group combine their use of the above criteria into a good overall banner? Does it show that time and effort was put into the banner?

Case Study

A case study is a hypothetical series of situations and events that an RA might actually experience. Case study participants from each school will receive the case study prior to arriving to E.R.A. Teams should have no more than 3 members and will be able to work together to answer questions prompted by the case study. Team members should rely on their training, previous experiences, and critical thinking skills to create a five minute presentation for the judging panel.


The skit will be a 3-5 minute sketch that allows your delegation to express their creativity, school spirit, and departmental pride. You can sing a song, act out a scene like a play, do a dance, lead a cheer—or some combination of all of the above! This is YOUR time to let your personality, passion, pride, and tradition shine through! Don’t forget to include a reference to the E.R.A. conference theme.

Judging Criteria- 20points

  • 5 points- Originality/Creativity: Does the skit use the E.R.A. theme in a unique way?
  • 5 points- Information about Housing/Residence Life
  • 5 points- Enthusiasm/School Spirit: Does the skit maintain a high level of energy and excitement throughout the performance?
  • 5 points- Evidence of Teamwork: Are all members of the delegation involved in the skit in some way?

Roll Call

Roll call will be a 2-3 minute introduction to your institution. You can perform a chant, cheer, or put your own spin on a popular song. Make sure to include the conference theme! Roll. Vulgarity/Profanity is prohibited; if used the institution will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria- 20points

  • 5 points- Originality/Creativity: Does the roll call use the conference theme in a unique way?
  • 5 points- School Spirit: Does the roll call include information about the institution and Residence Life?
  • 5 points- Evidence of Teamwork: Are all members of the delegation involved in the roll calling some way? Were students prepared and showed evidence of collaboration among group?
  • 5 points – Entertainment Value: Audience appeal and overall quality of performance.

Overall Spirit

Overall spirit is a collective experience looking at a delegation’s participation throughout the E.R.A. conference. This is where strolls, chants, and participation are really important!

Judging Criteria – Delegations will choose their top institutions based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity
  • Use of Theme: The incorporation of the conference theme through performances, giveaways, dressing up, etc.
  • Congeniality: Friendliness, likability, niceness, engagement with other schools, etc.
  • Good sportsmanship: Students were respectful during the performances, presentations, and interactions of other institutions besides their own.
  • Overall participation: Participation in conference by all students from institution (Performances, strolls, program sessions, chants, etc.).