LAHO History

During the summer of 1989 Steve Leon, Director of University Housing and Terry Passman Assistant Director invited a small group of Housing Directors to meet on Southeasterns campus and discuss the formation of a state association for University Housing Officers. LAHO was born! Attending the meeting were Dottie Brooks Northeast Louisiana University (Monroe); Margaret Vinti University of New Orleans; Renee Nesbitt Louisiana State University and Steve Leon and Terry Passman Southeastern. Over the following years this group continued to grow to include nearly every college in the state that had campus housing. The group used opportunities at both LACUSPA and SEAHO to continue to formulate the organization. Housing administrators visited each others campus and benchmarked best practices at each school. Numerous policies and procedures were streamlined and/or changed as a result of meetings and visits. The group came to rely on each other to resolve numerous challenges. Early on one common thread at every meeting was the need for more training with student hall staff. It was with this idea that the concept of a state wide training workshop would come to light. It was decided that a student conference in the late Spring would be best in order to prepare students for the fall semester and that all campus leaders would be invited, many of the leadership skills needed by Resident Assistants could be transferred to most student leadership positions. It was also decided that a central location be chosen, and the facility would be within everyone’s budget. The first RA training conference was held March 5&6, 1993 at Camp Maryhill Renewal Center in Pineville, Louisiana. Our Host at Maryhill was Sister Ann LaCour. Brit Katz, Northeast La. University Chaired the inaugural LA Rainbow conference for 104 Resident Assistants and numerous housing administrators and speakers from around the state.

Participants included Steve Leon, Southeastern; Terry Passman, Southeastern; Dottie Brooks, Northeast; Dr. Bob Bowman, Northeast; Marian Griffin, Southern; Margaret Vinti, UNO; Huey Gardner, UNO; Darren Lynn, UNO; Harold Boute, Northwestern; Tracie Najolia, Northwestern; Joy Jeffers, Centenary; Peggy Young, Centenary; Renee Nesbitt, LSU; Janie Brown, LSU and others. Dottie Brooks served as President and Awards Chairperson Steve Leon served as Program Chair Morris Welch was Past President Janie Brown was Hospitality Chair Peggy Young was Registration Chair Each Chairperson received a special plaque and recognition at the banquet. The awards banquet was held in a tiny dining hall. Award winners included: – Program of the Year – LSU, Baton Rouge for "Haunted Mansion" – Staff Development Program of the Year – Loyola Univ for "Cultural Diversity Workshop" – LAHO Distinguished Service Award – Renee Nesbitt, LSU, Baton Rouge – Kajun Kilometers Award – Southern University (bring the largest number the greatest distance) -LAHO Spirit Award – Northeast Louisiana University – Always Hallways/Hall of Fame Award – Brit Katz, Northeast Louisiana University -LAHO President's Award – Morris Welch, LSU, Baton Rouge The 1994 conference was again held at Camp Maryhill, the conference was called Radical Retreat. It was during this conference the officers decided to give the conference a permanent name Equipping Resident Assistants (ERA). Since that time, the ERA Conference has been held at Dry Creek Baptist Camp and Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center.

Previous Leadership


1989 – 1990 Steve Leon,Southeastern (Chairman, no president the year of formation)

1990 – 1991 Steve Leon,Southeastern

1991 – 1992 Morris Welch,LSU

1992 – 1993 Dottie Brooks,Northeastern Louisiana University (Monroe)

1993 – 1994 Steve Leon,Southeastern

1994 – 1995Sabrina Laurant,Nicholls

1995 – 1996Denise Martin,McNeese

1996 – 1997Debora Baker,LSU (Baton Rouge)

1997 – 1998Connie Davis,Southeastern

Missing information for 1998 – 2001. If anyone has details please contact thewebmaster

2001– 2002 Dawn Miller,University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2002– 2003 Mark Miller, Centenary College of Louisiana

2003 – 2004 Aimme Anderson, Southeastern Louisiana University

2004 – 2005 Shakira Hardison, Grambling State University

2005 – 2006 Dawn Miller, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

2006 – 2007 Kevin “K.D.” Linkous, Louisiana State University

2007 – 2008 Nicholas Clegorne, Louisiana State University

2008 – 2009 Marc Nicholls, McNeese State University

2009– 2010 Anthony Jackson, Grambling State University

2010– 2011 Celena Trahan, Louisiana State University

2011– 2012 Steve Waller, Louisiana State University

2012– 2013 Craig Beebe, Loyola University

2013– 2014 Tanisha Cousby, Grambling State University

2014– 2015 Dawn Broussard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2015– 2016 Amy Boyle, Loyola University

2016 – 2017 Amanda Robbins, Southeastern Louisiana University

Business Manager

2002 – 2004 Louisiana Tech University

2004 – 2006 Mary Wallace, Louisiana State University

2006 – 2008 Casey Jowers, Louisiana Tech University

2008– 2010 Monica Magee Adams, Xavier University

2010– 2012

2012 – 2013 Dawn Broussard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2013– 2014 Anthony Jackson, Southern University

2014– 2015 TracieAbraham, Southern University

2015– 2017 Chris Rice, Loyola University

Newsletter Editor

2004 – 2006 Amanda McDaniel, Southeastern Louisiana University

2006 – 2007 Marc Nichols, McNeese State University

2007 – 2008 Jolanda Taylor, Southeastern Louisiana University

2008 – 2009 Danielle Klein, Tulane University

2009– 2013 Kyle Smith, University of Louisiana Lafayette

2013– 2014 Justin Kirkes, Centenary College of Louisiana

2014 – 2015 Blake Thomas, Southeastern Louisiana University

2015– 2016 Aeryel Williams, Dillard University

SEAHO Representative

2002 – 2004 Mark Miller, Centenary College of Louisiana

2002 – 2004 David Smith, Louisiana Tech University

2004 – 2006 Renee Richard Snider, Louisiana State University

2006 – 2008 Morris Anderson, Southern University

2008 – 2010 Jolanda Taylor, Southeastern Louisiana University/Grambling State University

2010– 2012 Stephanie Dyjack, Northwestern State University

2012– 2014 Amanda Robbins, Southeastern Louisiana University

2014– 2016Holly Stewart, Louisiana State University

2016 – 2017Montgomery Mewers, Centenary College

ERA Coordinator(This position was introduced in 2007)

2007 – 2009 Dawn Broussard, University of Louisiana Lafayette

2009– 2010 Travis Chase, Xavier University

2010– 2012 Beven McCartney, Southeastern Louisiana University

2013– 2014 Holly Stewart, Louisiana State University

2014– 2015 Monelle Wells, Louisiana State University

2015– 2016 Ashley White, Southeastern Louisiana University

2016 – 2017 Leslie Nobles, Centenary College of Louisiana

Member at Large(This position was introduced in 2007)

2007 – 2009 Celena Trahan, Louisiana State University/Tulane University

2009 – 2011 Marcia Louis, University of Louisiana Lafayette

2011– 2012 Kari Stone, Loyola University New Orleans

2013 – 2014 Monica Adams, Xavier University

2014– 2015 Kristyn Geiger, Tulane University

2015– 2016 Matthew Miles, University of Louisiana Lafayette

Technology Coordinator(This position was introduced in 2007)

2007 – 2014 Renee Richard Snider, Louisiana State University

2014– 2015 Justin Kirkes, Centenary College of Louisiana

2015– 2017Blake Thomas, Southeastern Louisiana University

Research Coordinator

2013 – 2014 Amy Boyle, Loyola University

2014 – 2015 Amanda Robbins, Southeastern Louisiana University

2015– 2016 Rachel Bouguille, Nicholls State University