Battle of the Halls Encourages Pride in University Housing

Southeastern Louisiana University

Hall Council, our on campus resident student organization at

Southeastern Louisiana University, challenged our students this semester to rethink the way we show our school spirit and building community pride! Hall Council Chairman Ryan Pattison, Advisor Bevann McCartney, President Amber Wallace and other executive board members devised a plan to encourage Hall participation and pride through a Battle of the Halls points system and t-shirt design.

Hall Council sold custom made Hall t-shirts for the low price of $5 per shirt to students beginning at our “Move-In Mane-Ia” event in which all new students checked into their new homes and ending on the last day of the first full week of class. Each Residence Hall was assigned a color, the color of the shirts purchased by the specific residents of a hall correlates to the Hall color. “When we designed the shirts, our goal for the first semester was to sell at least 100 shirts to residents, we were blown away when we sold over 550 shirts! We then knew that our residents were serious about getting involved on campus and inspired us to make this program as interactive as possible!” said Hall Council Chairman Ryan Pattison.  Students who purchased these shirts can win points for their hall through participation of campus events, and specific events designed by hall council. Events in which students could earn points included “Pride Night- wear your Hall shirt to the cafeteria,” “Oktoberfest  Outdoor Carnival,” “Fear Factor,” “Big Butt Round Up- FRESH PEEPS/ FRESH CAMPUS”, “Pumpkin Carving Contest”, and more! Hall Council has given the residents over 40 opportunities this semester for residents to gain points toward their hall. Our campus has experienced an increase in student attendance at athletic events as students can earn points for their hall by attending key athletic events. One prize for the hall with highest football game attendance this semester includes a coveted Party on the Patio in Strawberry Stadium on the last game day of the season.  The Lions Athletic Association teamed up with Hall Council to provide the winning Hall with dinner and VIP access into the last home game as a reward for having the most participation at the home games!

Hall Council e-mails the residents bi-weekly with upcoming events and opportunities to earn hall points. Hall Council also purchased a billboard sized display board which hangs in Cayman Cafeteria for students to be able to view their hall points and see their progress. Our Hall Council has also obtained hundreds of Facebook friends that they update with the current points standings and upcoming events. This successful program has led to more student engagement and participation in campus events. “Our program this semester has been so successful; we have had organizations and departments come to us and ask us if we can include their event in our points system to gain participation at on campus events,” said President Amber Wallace.  Since the start of the program, over 10 more events have been added this semester. Every day, students are seen proudly wearing their shirts all over campus.  Plans for future expansion of the program include incorporating our upperclassman apartment complex and Greek Village community into the program. “I am proud to work with this group of students in Hall Council! This color system is very well planned program to increase involvement and we notice its effects already, “stated Bevann McCartney.

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